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Marble Deities

Worship of the Deities is one of the essential aspect of devotional service to Lord Krishna. Their Lordships are fully represented in Their Deity forms. A worshiper is able to establish a personal relationship with the Lord. This is an invitation for inviting the Lord into your home. The homes that has Their Lordships is not different from the spiritual world. Evil can never visit such homes.

Sri Radha and Krishna White Marble Deities

Stunning handcrafted marble Deities are the hearts desires. The loving smiles and captivating glances is a rare blessing for a devotional home. Their Lordships cannot be purchased, but only comes...

On Sale from $650.00
Regular Price:$750.00

Gaura-Nitai Marble Deities

Purely handcrafted Gaura Nitai Deities in Rajasthan, INDIA. These stunning beautiful Deities comes front first class stones,done by the same artisans responsible for many of ISKCON temples Deities. Lord Caitanya and...

On Sale from $850.00
Regular Price:$1,400.00

Radha and Krishna (Black) Marble Deities

Beautifully Radha Krishna (Syamasundara - Blackish) marble Deities are crafted from pure stones in Rajasthan by loving devoted hands. Only the most fortunate devotees can have the privilege of serving...

From $625.00

Krishna Balaram Marble Deities

Here They are! Lord Krishna and His brother brother, Balarama. The transcendental brothers are the delight of the devotees. This beautiful Deity-set are carved in Rajasthan, who are famous for...

From $850.00

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